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Dark Helmet

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(23 customer reviews)

( Forum GSC x Jawa Pie )
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Dark Helmet is the result of a special project, locking down the unique traits and flavor profile of Forum Girl Scout Cookies into seed form by back-crossing the clone only cut to our Jawa Pie ( Key Lime Pie x Alien rift ) frost male. Key Lime Pie is a clone-only ‘sister’ phenotype or cultivar of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage.

Growers can expect very dense and frosty bud sites with a limey, sugar cookie terpene profile.

23 reviews for Dark Helmet

  1. Krys0513

    Got these seeds about a week ago all seeds germinated and are growing well

  2. Charles

    Man this Dark helmet looks amazing

  3. Mark day

    Great strain

  4. NCascadeSolo

    some of thee most dank, totally ludicrous a rotten lime, doughy skunk funk.

  5. Jake (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, easy checkout, guaranteed fire…just waiting for more to crop.

  6. John

    Dark helmet is the fucking bomb especially if you get a really good pheno! Also Paul is really good for all your ordering needs and gets them out to you fast! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!????✌️️????❄️????

  7. Pete

    The Ocean Grown crew knows how to kill it when it comes to amazing genetics and this is no exception! LJSS couldn’t make getting their gear in my garden any safer or easier✌

  8. Enrico Filippelli (verified owner)

    So far they are looking beautiful. Can’t waot to try them. Lumberjack and ocean grown seeds are awesome

  9. Mr.tight

    I got a dark helmet going in flower about 4 week in. Super frosty strain with strong and thick framework. You can see the genetics shine in this one. Great genetics in, great genetics out. At day 28 I got that sugary lime smell coming off of mine. Huge 11 fingered fan leaves. Very jurassic looking.

  10. Octoberfarmer (verified owner)

    This was my first time ever ordering seeds. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. service, Really fast delivery is on point. I’m overly excited to be starting a new life! Thank you lJSS. Bigger thanks to Vader and the ocean grown seed family. Keep up the amazing work????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Siral (verified owner)

    All seeds are dark and shinny, popped 6 seeds and all sprouted. This is the 6th strain I’ve ordered from Team OG and the quality has always been top notch, what impresses me this time is Lumberjack seeds, a lot easier to order and much quicker response than before, great job!

  12. Marcus (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for the quick service. Definitely will be coming thru to get more limited releases from you guys. Keep doing what yall do!

  13. Jose (verified owner)

    I have delta with many different company’s and lumberjack and Paul are by far the most honest and are one of the only company’s that actually answers your email within the day. Can not thank Paul and his of team enough. I appreciate you guys 🙏 🌳🌳🌳🌳 timmmmberrrr!

  14. JT (verified owner)

    Best service around! Freshest beans & best genetics hands down!

  15. Richard (verified owner)

    I buy a lot from these guys and the genetics is top quality no bad seeds yet keep it up

  16. 3mily_lou420

    It’s a very photogenic strain with its frosty and voluptuous bud structure reminded me of a flat 7up in smell and taste of a lime sugar cookie I will keep her for life

  17. Doug

    I got sum jawa pie all turned out great

  18. Fish Gutz

    Dark Helmet is one of my top favorite plants in my stable. she’s not finicky, she doesn’t stretch much. very stocky, super dense almost rock hard buds that have some of the most unique terpene profiles. I keep 2 phenos just to jump back and forth between crazy flavors. 1 pheno has purple leaves, fat chunky tops with an almost lavender smell, the #2 leaves pretty much turn black, the buds stay keylime green with a straight up lime sugar cookies smell (just as advertised). she’s so special, I’m working on F2’s just so I’ll never run out. OCG seriously puts out some serious heat.

  19. kylesg24 (verified owner)

    Very dank strain. didn’t get very big under my solar storm 880 in soil but hope to change that by running it in coco. Great genetics deep shiny purple with the smell of peanut butter cookies.

  20. Ty (verified owner)

    Package came within days, super full pack with perfect tiger striped beans. Perfect addition to the OG collection for sure 🦑🐳🤙🏼🍪🍈

  21. tonym1623 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping I recommend thanks

  22. Eric (verified owner)

    They arrived quickly. I started 3 and got an easy trimming looker that yielded and was sparkly, but almost no smell or taste. Just nothing there.
    The second one is purely fuel/gas and could pass for a diesel type, it’s great and a keeper, but…
    The third is absolutely 7up weed! Some buds taste exactly like 7up and others taste like a real cookie. So when I go to smoke, it’s like will I get a 7up or a cookie? Simply amazing. You need to find the right one in your pheno hunt, but it’s in there. I never thought I’d smoke weed that tastes like 7up and cookies. It is real.

  23. Hoss farms

    Dark helmet was a great grow, %100 germination, aggressive grower, moderate yield, very dense buds, nice colors, great aroma, sweet tasting, and great buzz. I had some cookie leaners. Highly recommended by Hoss.

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