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Jawa Kush

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(14 customer reviews)

( Ghost OG x Jawa Pie )
10+ items per pack

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Jawa Kush combines the infamous Ghost OG with the delightful flavors of Jawa Pie. This cross yields highly desirable flavor profiles reminiscent of a ‘sugar cake’ with subtle notes of lemon gas.

Growers can expect large, frosty kolas when grown in ideal conditions.

14 reviews for Jawa Kush

  1. JT (verified owner)

    Best service around! Freshest beans & best genetics hands down!

  2. Keith

    Another great strain from Ocean Grown, vigorous growth, huge cola’s, very sticky, great high, great taste, so glad I got Jawa Kush. It’s a winner ! Thanks again.

  3. Krys0514

    I have been growing this strain for about a year now, I was one of the lucky few who got in on the first packs released thanks to Paul. I can’t keep this strain in stock! Every time I finish a run of this strain I have a waiting list of patients that want it. It grows tight nugs that have great bag appeal, easy, easy to scrog and trimming is a breeze with this strain as the leaf to bud ratio is a great. The taste and smell differ slightly with each pheno so I can’t seem to pick a favorite because of this I have been forced to slowly move to an all Ocean Grown garden as my patients turn their noses up now to anything but OG strains. They are spoiled

  4. Paul

    Jawa Kush: Legendary Ghost OG dominates flavor profile. Loud Floral Lime GAS across the board. Medium stature, consistent, uniform, vigorous & bushy.
    Outstanding creation from Team OG, and one of my personal favorites

  5. blueranger351stroker

    This is my first time with lumberjack and gotta say, I had a few questions and was able to get them answered right away, super great service, received everything very fast, can’t wait to see the outcome and will definitely be using again and again, thank you!!

  6. oldspider32687 (verified owner)

    Received 12 fat tiger stripe seeds ‘ Great customer service ! 👍🏼

  7. Erik (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service,beans arrived promptly and secure…12 beans of future fire can’t wait for fruition….keep choppin yall…..

  8. Hypo (verified owner)

    Easy to grow and trim, lots of pruning needed .bushy like a 70s pornstar
    Great taste and yield was huge with scrog ,nice frosty nugs that sent me to the plant Tatooine…fire dank smoke

  9. Jeff

    Really good mix of the Ghost, Jawa, AR & some KLP doms in here. This is definitely one of the bigger yielding team og strains highlander is another if your looking for weight but quality >quantity. Team OG & LJSS ftw

  10. Erik (verified owner)

    Plants halfway done outdoors here in P.N.W. 7 footers 5 feet wide ladies stacking 4 realz!! Straight dank yall, keep chopin😎😎😎😎✨

  11. Debo (verified owner)

    I haven’t popped them yet, but the customer service has been top notch so far. All packages received within a week. The lumberjack was very assessable via email and when the post office screwed up the shipping he made it right to keep the customer happy right of way. And a big one; shipping was discreet! No issues.

  12. Porternugs (verified owner)

    These guys are great, package shipped to the door in less then a week. Ordered 5 pack came with 7. As of now zero complaints. Can’t wait to pop these beans!

  13. BanjoKazuya (verified owner)

    This was my first Ocean Grown genetic and I loved this frosty mf til the day I chopped, so I had to grab some beans to cross with some of these Colorado bangers….. I love terps 🤘🏾

  14. Rhan Away (verified owner)

    When Jawa Pie was unavailable; Jawa Kush was in stock; did not disappoint at all! Dense, frosty nugs with a more OG, almost skunk like profile than I expected; regardless they were AMAZING, the males were probably only second to my Alien Rift and Vader OG males; frosty, stinky and ROBUST!

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