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Jawa Pie

$100.00 USD

(42 customer reviews)

( Key Lime Pie x Alien Rift )
10+ Regular items per pack

Jawa Pie is a unique blend of CookieFam’s Key Lime Pie and our stud Alien Rift male. This strain grows vigorously in vegetative phases; low stress training techniques are encouraged.

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Phenotypes will generally exhibit tight node spacing and exceptional glandular production in lower. In the final stages of maturation, growers should expect to provide support for the crop.

Growers can expect dense and gassy frost-drenched flowers with a classic earthy aroma.

42 reviews for Jawa Pie

  1. William (verified owner)


  2. StashToker

    Amazing key lime pie smell. Super dense and frosty, tastes are mostly sweet lime and creamy, very indica leaning. Love it.

  3. Brian

    My friend had some and it was top two best I’ve ever smoked

  4. Krys0513

    I received these seeds in a timely manner, communication with LJS had been timely and order was completed quickly. I germinated all these seeds, they are all growing well, and have started flowering a week ago. This strain also clones easily and so far are staying true to the traits indicated on packaging.

  5. Mark day

    Love it

  6. nick (verified owner)

    Tha bomb doggity

  7. Junkie (verified owner)

    Top notch smoke. Extremely dense and tasty. Highly recommended

  8. Crystalz

    5 stars across board.. Paul has amazing customer service went above and beyond every way possible.. Order was fulfilled within hours of payment received and arrived two days early.. Popped 7 and have 4 left because vader puts 11 in each.. Two reasons 1. Is that oh shit and 2. Is so in theory you should get 6 sexy little mamaz. All popped in under 24 hours.. If you have not ran ocean gear it has the most vigor of any lines I have worked with.. His selection process is amazing locking in the best of the best traits.. Size and quaility.. You thought you could have one or the other…….. Nope… Very stable, great growth.. Have not made it to flip yet but trust they are nitro speed so won’t be long.. Will update at that time.. If it’s like the rest of the gear I can already tell you the outcome.. Don’t hesitate and jump on this.. I can tell you you will be trying to add all the flavors;) have a heady day 😉

  9. BudsBunny00

    OG makes it easy. It was a sinch to grow and the results are just WOW! Very dense, frost is rediculous and the smells and taste of limey goodness is down right delicious. Rock on OG, rock on.

  10. AJ

    Found 5 females and had trouble choosing a keeper! Diverse aromas from plant to plant including lime, raspberry & bubblegum. Would definitely recommend!

  11. Michael (verified owner)

    Man Fast shipping 100% germ rate

  12. John Paul (verified owner)

    Just put in my order at 2:57 am because I finally decided To come back to the life of a cultivator.
    I’ve heard nothing but great reviews and I know I won’t be disappointed.

  13. Jose (verified owner)

    All I know is germination rate was 10 out of 10! And he gave me 12 so yeah all 12 popped! And Paul is awesome! Fast shipping and great service. ???????????? timberrr!

  14. frank (verified owner)

    Best looking beans I’ve seen yet…
    12 of 12 popped in less than 24 hours..
    Pendulum says 8 females…we’ll see….

  15. Enrico Filippelli (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Looking forward to the results. All looking awesome

  16. Skip (verified owner)

    Fast service and germination was 100% Thanks Paul!

  17. Pete (verified owner)

    These were the genetics I was most looking forward to and grabbed 3 packs! Paul was great and I can’t wait to get these running. Vader and the Ocean Grown crew are artists.

  18. Piffman (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping,just opened the pack yesterday cant wait to smoke this strain.

  19. SyracuseTrees (verified owner)

    I just want to thank LJSS for amazing customer service and prompt delivery. Very excited to run this gear and will be ordering again very soon. Vader definitely makes it easy lol.

  20. Piffman (verified owner)

    Got 11 seeds, all germinated in one day

  21. Weedhopper (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and quality!
    Got to have them all! #teamusog

  22. Mike Allday (verified owner)

    Outstanding service Outstanding genetics. What more is there to ask for Vader hit the lottery with the Jawa Pie look for that Wedding Cake Pheno!!!

  23. Randy (verified owner)

    If you want it done right then you have to do it with ocean grown!! All you can ask for and more. Luv em!!

  24. Joel

    I have only popped half of the pack and I am already blessed with a difficult decision of a sweet cherry leaning pheno that yields incredibly and a very medicinal lemon-lime-alien pheno. I have also selected a keeper male that has some great characteristics and scents. Fast shipping from Paul and amazing customer service. I will be grabbing as much Ocean Grown genetics as I can.

  25. Keith King

    Thanks, ocean grown, excellent service, great strains. 100% germination, strong healthy growing genetics, sweet, cream flavor, huge buds, good yeild, can’t go wrong with Jawa pie. Thanks again ocean grown and lumberjacks.

  26. JT (verified owner)

    A special thanks to paul @ LJ…extremely fantastic service and lightning fast shipping! Vader team fantastic product as always!

  27. Jamesthegrower

    I received my order in a timely manner. All 12 beans popped. So out of 12 I ended up with 7 females, I was happy about that. It was hard choosing a pheno but ithe one I did choose looked identical to the one on the package!! Clones very easy and does great in my flood and drain set up. I can’t wait for the ninja fruit to become available!!!! Thanks lumber jack seed sourse !!!!!!!

  28. 340herbalist (verified owner)

    Amazing strain very flavorful,potent,good yield, and so stable its hard to choose just 1 keeper….great job ocean grown. As far as service goes second to none!

  29. east coast closet grower (verified owner)

    Just got my Jawa Pie beans today! superfast shipping very easy ordering, and the best part is you can really count on OC for backbone of good stable gentics. Way togo guys customer for life.

  30. MAgrow (verified owner)

    I’ve been really excited about getting my hands on some OGS seeds. Finally splurged and have been very happy so far. Haven’t popped them in yet, but I couldn’t believe how fast I got them. Shipped the day after I ordered them and got them in two days. Two extra seeds too! Awesome service, can’t wait to see how they grow. Excitedly waiting for Ninja Fruit now!

  31. Ed (verified owner)

    Got beans today, and they look great. Thanks to Paul excellent job on the whole experience ordering from your company.

  32. spyderwired (verified owner)

    Paul, Vader and the rest of Team OG
    (Medgrower1 you know 🙂 MI Luv), I don’t even know where to begin.
    Oh yes I do. “THANK YOU” .
    So I placed my order for Jawa Pie bait on Friday night and looks like they will be in my mail box this Monday afternoon. West coast to the east coast in a weekend is the best service I can ask for. Far as quality there isn’t even a word to describe what’s hidden in these gems. I have been a long time follower and have dreamed about the day I would get to have a part of Ocean Grown in my Tackle Box…
    Nothing but the best awaits you with OG Gear

  33. terryorvcomig (verified owner)

    These guys are the best. Looking forward to my next order.

  34. Philip Christner (verified owner)

    Amazing delivery time. I ordered them on a saturday, and had them by tuesday. Another east coast to west coast lightning fast delivery. Well done fellas. I really like the packaging, super pro, very nice.I received 13 seeds in the vile. I immediately sunk 4 of them in a dish with regular spring water. 24 hours later, they all had taps , so i buried them in some Bumper Crop. Within 36 hours, they all popped up. I am very happy with the quality of seeds, couldnt ask for anything more. Kudos to the crew and I cant say anything but good things. I will be a customer for life. Thanks Ocean Grown, you guys are awesome.

  35. jeremy W

    best customer service , great strain all seeds Popped and you actually get what you payed for , thx again guys

  36. Ganjagranger (verified owner)

    Dense flowers, incredible terps, if you want something that punches you in the nose when you open the jar jawa pie is for you.

  37. Russell Gallette (verified owner)

    I’ve ran my Jawa Pie keeper indoors many times now and outdoors once also. It performs amazingly every run. Very dense flowers. The best part for me is the amazing “Short Bread” / “Cake” smells and taste. Definitely one of the smoothest and delicious smokes that I run these days. Thank you team OG!

  38. oldspider32687

    Popped 6 got 3 amazing frosty females , Found the OG website back in October wasted hundreds before on weakgenetics “ the ocean grown team are the real deal no BS quality genetics ‘

  39. ericsnewemail7676 (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping. Excellent customer service. I’m super stoked to run this strain. Thank you guys!

  40. Dank

    I only have 1 complaint.! ): every single time I get a notice JP is in stock I go to order again & its SOLD OUT ): PLEASE get this back into rotation, like ALLOT of stock of them.! I’m begging you. Lol

  41. Rhan Away (verified owner)

    Excellent grow experience; expect a lot of enjoyable profiles to choose from; was awesome to grow something with a bit more variety per package than say, Alien Rift (also amazing but very stable…) and enjoyed each one!

  42. sean wilder (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and tracking included! I got 12 beans I cant wait to pop!

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