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Kauai Electrics

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Kauai Electrics preservation project, by Vader OG, with seeds native to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, specifically near the Powerline Trail.

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Using the rare Kauai Electrics seed stock, he allowed multiple females to be pollinated with the most robust males of the lot. By doing so, future generations will express the range of genetic characteristics from the original seed stock, inclusive of the most ideal traits that make up this unique hybrid.  This process resulted in moderate genetic variation or ‘hybridization’ within the first generation of preservation stock.

A range of pungent tropical berry to ‘skunky’ citrus and mango aromas are associated with the cultivar.  Inherited from the original parents, effects include a quick head-change combined with a moderate body-high, can be compared to ‘sativa-like’ strains from the 80s-90s.  Kauai Electrics is known to carry a CBD:THC ratio of approximately 1:4.

Growers can expect sativa-like morphology, with a significant stretch into flower.  Kauai Electrics tends to mature in approximately 10-12 weeks.  Low-stress training techniques such as topping in veg and using a trellis or other methods of supporting branches in flower are highly recommended for optimal yield.

1 review for Kauai Electrics

  1. Rhan Away (verified owner)

    mmmmmmm….. never been to Hawaii, but I have to guess this is as close as i am getting anytime soon…. Beastly stretch in flower, chunky, dense buds and very refreshing pheno’s to enjoy; absolutely beyond “average” in my opinion.

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