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Shockwave F2

$100.00 USD

(7 customer reviews)

Lineage: Shark Shock x Alien Rift
Generation: F2
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Stretch: 50%
Breeder: Dawgo
Description: Shockwave is a cross between Shark Shock and our Alien Rift male. Most phenotypes exhibit floral berry odors with a hint of your old sweaty gym bag. Vigorous vertical growth if left un-topped; low-stress training techniques are encouraged to supplement yields. Flowers will reach maturity from 7 – 8.5 weeks, with most phenotypes finishing after 55 days. Expect greasy, frosty flowers – this is an ideal strain for extract artists and flower-lovers alike.

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7 reviews for Shockwave F2

  1. Devon

    I thought they were absolutely amazing! You definitely get your money’s worth.

  2. Brad Thomas

    All good

  3. management

    I am so happy I found OG! This Shockwave is extremely impressive all throughout veg, and so far in flower. Really healthy Genetics!

  4. GreenSeeds


  5. James

    Just finished growing this and I would recommend this to anyone. Greasy as hell !! Sleeve and glove up on these girls. Very strong genetics and pretty consistent phenotypes. Got as a gift from a friend but after what I’ve seen I’d buy these genetics again.

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and 100% germination

  7. Boaty mig

    Man to all I got to say is my seeds are going so good finally a decent place to purchase my seeds man this is great and they’re real high quality I just really appreciate it

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