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Tropic Moon


(14 customer reviews)

'Malibu' x Vader OG
10+ regular items per package

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14 reviews for Tropic Moon

  1. dankbank3111 (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to see these beens in my mail box live the Malibu pie so I know I’m going to luv this one I ordered it when I got first e-mail waiting on ninja fruit πŸ‰ mmmmmm thanx 🌟OCEAN GROWN TEAM 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  2. Treezy

    I pop 2 topic moon and they are looking amazing

  3. Deezo (verified owner)

    I popped 3 in my Ebb n Flow system and one in my DWC system all of the beans popped and are doing wonderful i had one that was playing catch up but after some TLC they are all on point especially the DWC system that one has been doing phenomenal. using all canna products maintaining ratios at ec-1.2 pH-5.6 res temp 70.2 f , DWC ec-0.8, pH 5.6, temp 74.0 f/ tent 75.6f, 45% 18/6

  4. oldspider32687 (verified owner)

    Ran three tropical moon along with three Jawa pie females both amazing top shelf strains β€˜ ocean gtown team have it together πŸ”₯πŸ‰πŸ‡πŸ“πŸ‘πŸΌ Thanks

  5. Deezo (verified owner)

    Its been 4 months and I just harvested half of my first round of the Tropic moon and I can only say THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE LUMBER JACKS who have made it possible for a rookie like myself who had absolutely no working knowledge of “Our” favorite lady and her myriad of fragrant expressions to produce some of the dankest dank I have ever had the pleasure of referring to as, ” Now that’s some funky $h!t”. And rightfully so… I cannot wait till I have collected and nurtured all the fine ladies in the O.G.S. arsenal! Top tier stains most definitely live here!

  6. steve.mosqueda (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast. 9 of 10 beans sprouted with 5 females and vigorous growth and required double netting for the stretch. Amazed by the fade during flush and the quality of the genetics. I would buy again if something happened to my keeper cuts.

  7. Aquarius Grower

    As a stand alone flower, this strain gets 5 stars all day long. Outstanding terpine profile, the buds a large and dense, great leaf to bud ratio, really easy to trim. But as a whole including growing time and male to female ratio I deducted 1 star. Out of 5 seeds I only got one female. Could have been a fluke, IDK. Second, the one female I did get ran a 75 day flower cycle, that just send a tattoo but long. But like I said in the beginning, on flower alone this strain is a 5 stars, real competition level flower.

  8. john tyler (verified owner)

    Fast shipping on my order, can’t wait to pop ’em.
    Thanx for the extra’s….diver99

  9. Aquarius Grower

    I’m back for a second review and I’m upping the star rating to a 5. In a second run of clones from my original seed I seen a decrease in flower time. She was ready for harvest right at day 63. Same amazing smoke, effect, terpine profile, and bud structure. The ocean grown team hit a home run with this one. I can’t wait to try another pack, about to pop some Obiwan OG Kush.

  10. Timothy j sajdak

    Looking forward to this obi is amazing

  11. jasonhoanshelt (verified owner)

    Popped a 6 pack. 2 keepers. One smells like gassy black pepper. The other is spicy gas. Chopped day 75. During late flower/flush plant turns dark purple. Loves cold temps.

  12. AntDeezy

    Super fast shipping! Can’t wait to pop these beans.

  13. mikeron78 (verified owner)

    Just ordered some Tropic Moon. Just pulled down the Jawa Kush.. It was fire!! Good stuff Ocean Team!

  14. BIG DRAWZ (verified owner)

    Tropicmoon 1 female popped out of 10 and she is a vigorous sweet gassy girl mad tops 50% stretch first 2 weeks bloom ..She’s a mother plant now 4 feet tall

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