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Dark Plasma

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(19 customer reviews)

2021 Current batch of Dark Plasma was socal sun grown in living soil.

LINEAGE: ( forum gsc x obiwan og )
FLOWERING TIME: 52-60 days
YIELD: Moderate to Heavy

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Dark Plasma combines Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Obi Wan OG Kush.
Growers can expect colorful flowers with higher than average trichome production and the sweet smells of cookies and fuel, reminiscent of transmission fluid.

19 reviews for Dark Plasma

  1. Enrico Filippelli

    Popped Five seed. All looking beautiful. Will gladly report back on quality in 3 months but by then you might have missed out.

  2. Bryce (verified owner)

    Paul works hard to answer every question you have for him and gets your packs sent out quickly and payment is quick. I’ll continue supporting OG getting new packs and this dark plasma is ???? Get ’em while they last

  3. Pete

    Paul got back to me really quickly on the first drop of this new cross and I wasn’t even on the wait list because I forgot to sign up! But I got my gear within days of order and couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and discreet shipping. Waiting for the community pheno hunt to finish before I get this one rolling but extremely excited.

  4. NaughtyDogg

    Just get them before i do lol , a guy i met at the grocery store turn me on to lumberjack and i dont no who you are but if your out thank you that nite ordered Jawa pie that shit came in like two days …WORD….then i other obi wan the day it hit got that in like three days i had seeds from around the world but i can tell it this its something special about these ocean grow boys i can feel it in me bones lol…im all in…….just had to say that

  5. Bryan

    Lumberjack and the OG Team are the fastest and most respectful vendors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Always fast to both respond and ship. Looking forward to the future and hoping to see many new genetics from this family line up. Keep up all the hard work. Thanks a million!

  6. Cameron (verified owner)

    Always fast with delivery, always fully ripe seeds, nothing but quality!

  7. Cybastn Simmons (verified owner)

    So far already have Ninja Fruit, And Malibu Pie. Just Saw The Dark Plasma, picked it up just now, was so high and excited forgot to put through card on invoice πŸ˜€ On Malibu Pie I mentioned I was going to have this one and Jawa Kush. And now seeing the listing for Astrochimp and Skunkbeard, got a feeling I’m gonna have to grab those when they come too. Unknowingly I received another pack of Malibu Pie, I don’t know if this was on purpose, or on accident, what I do know is that before getting the pack, I wanted to upload, somewhere along the way I started to lose it, and after receiving that pack, which was only given to me, after 2 – 3 months of while I wouldn’t say no working, but certainly was slackin work, the first day I find a new motivation, and put maybe 4-5 times the amount of work than any other day in the same session of work, I come inside to packages of cloner head replacements and rapid rooters, and right there, a third package, I feel it, it feels like a seed pack, but no, it cant be, and I open it, started going bonkers, and I can honestly say it was the first day I ever worked or needed to work so long to maintain what is approximately 100-120 seedlings. For me that was like the universe saying, ok your willing to do the work now, not 2 months ago, not half a year ago, and because you are now lets throw you a bone, but now its on you. Basically just trying to start getting all my mothers selected and when that is all said and done, I’m currently recording my progress, and planning, But once all is set in, gonna do my first video series on that Malibu Pack. Would like to thank Ocean Grown, and specifically Vader, I feel the day I Upload, if you happen across the video, you will feel the appreciation bleeding through the screen, i wouldn’t have learned as much as I have without finding your channel, and without ordering, commenting and getting that pack might not have not necessarily found my passion, but I can say indefinitely that Its now driving, and nothings stopping it. Will be back for the Jawa Kush πŸ™‚ Cheers

  8. Richard (verified owner)

    Got it a couple days later thanks

  9. JT (verified owner)

    Best service around! Freshest beans & best genetics hands down!

  10. Nekia (verified owner)

    Fastest ,easiest ,most professional ive used thanks paul and OG .

  11. Tony

    Ordered these bad boys first day they were released shipping by was on point thanks lumberjack .. by the way I popped 4 beans and got 1 female she’s out door do My really well smells of spicey gingerbread in its early stage of flower

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Recived my Dark Plasma within 5 days after ordering here in MI. Got 13 beans which is awesome, with some cool stickers. Popped 6 & got 6 sprouts within 48-56hrs. It’s Ocean grow so YES I would definitely buy again. If your on the fence don’t be they are reputable company with great genetic products, close to perfect germination rates, which results in happy customers.
    Plus you will not won’t to miss out on the new releases of the year! Just sayin πŸ—£πŸ˜Ž

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    The lumberjack boys and teamOG do not play. The shit is legit and shipped fast as hell and safely. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’―βœŒπŸ»

  14. Sir. SmokAlot (verified owner)

    Dark Plasma is some beautiful dank nugz. I popped 8 got six females and out of the six I only got rid of one. They are just so tasty. My number 5 smells and taste so much like an O.G. and the other 4 taste similar but all a little different. It has been so hard trying to find my keeper. In my eyes they are all keepers . I have grown them all out three it four times and still can’t decide which one to keep. For sure im keeping at least two. Great job Vader keep bringing us those fire varieties.

  15. Pheno (verified owner)

    As for the order, it went perfectly.
    Ive grown 5 of 13 and have onestrong female so far. Very much like the packaging, blue/purple Calyx with green variations and a neon orange & to the hairs, truly gorgeous.
    Smells like sweet citrus and fuel…
    Was finicky but could be just my first go with her. Either way, by far the most frosty thing ever in my garden so far, cannot wait to smoke.

  16. lhmccloney (verified owner)

    I love this strain because it’s got the best of both worlds Ghost OG and GSC. You can’t go wrong either way and the best part is that just like when a human has kids you don’t get an exact match you have some that come out like mom, some like dad and some more of a mixture of the two so that’s gon be the fun part is pairing the phenotypes with the most desirable phenotypes with the traits that I’d like to either introduce or keep consistent . These seeds are fire genetics so it’s a lot of fun crossing them and getting some gas as the reward from you’re work.

  17. Porternugs (verified owner)

    These guys are great, package shipped to the door in less then a week. Ordered 5 pack two came with 7 this pack had 6. As of now zero complaints. Can’t wait to pop these beans! Super excited about dark plasma!

  18. Mike Wilhelmson (verified owner)

    Dark plasma. Buds look just like the pics. 8 weeks ready. Purple frosty thick forests of triches everywhere. Smells of ripe fruit melons. One cookie leaner dark leaves and one beautiful OG leaner more stretch. Golf ball hard nuggets all the way down 3 ft colas. Watch for stretch keep trained. Overall best genetic I’ve had.thx Vader. Earthbox build a soil style grow in NorCal 5k ft elevation indoor .HLG550 v2. SIP.

  19. Jared Norman

    The stanky , terpy , transmission dank fuel. A must have for anyone. smoking and rosin A+

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