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Vader OG

$55.00 USD

(14 customer reviews)

LINEAGE: ( Vader Kush x Ocean Grown #3 )
STRETCH: 50-60%
YIELD: Moderate to Heavy

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Vader started with his development of a signature OG Kush in 2006 starting with SFV and Larry OG against the Mr. E male from the “Mystery Kush” line, although the females had slowly been replaced over the years the male always passes on very dominant OG Kush traits when breeding with Paki and Afghani heavy varieties. Of this Line, 3 phenos were chosen by Vader and Bubblefett out 4 sequential rounds and hunting through over 350 females. Each pheno although slightly different, possessed the most dominant traits of any of OG Kush legacy cuts. These were named Ocean Grown Kush #1 #2 and #3, As a tribute to the “legend” that OG Kush stood for “Ocean Grown”. Subsequently this time of development is widely considered the beginning of Ocean Grown Seeds by the Original Team members.

By 2008 V1 Vader OG Kush phenos were chosen and crossed into a Hells cut x Ocean Grown #3. Ocean Grown Kush males #2 and #1 were discarded after the first F1 run. Once again Vader and Bubblefett set out on a deep hunt of pheno searching through hundreds of seeds, three almost identical OG Kush dominant females were discovered, after several test rounds of these chosen phenos. One of the three females was discarded and the following two phenos were referred to as Vader OG and Jedi OG cuts. 2009 and beyond led to these two cuts becoming regular crops in the Team OG line up and the flowers inevitably found their way into Southern California Collectives. Vader OG is the most popular of these cuts. It represents a spicy pine aroma and extreme kushy hashy taste. Often characterized as expressing dominant OG Kush traits, this cut still represents one of the higher yielding OG’s available.

14 reviews for Vader OG

  1. James Ese (verified owner)

    It is truly an honor and privilege to be the first to review this exceptional strain. I have not yet flowered Vader, but my appreciation for it’s creation and the luck granted in ordering them is beyond the level of gratitude that I can convey here. Thanks to “Ocean Grown”, Vader, Ninja, and the rest of the crew.

    Your “Fanboy”,

  2. Dowland Lee (verified owner)

    Very nice & fat tiger striped beans, 10/11 made it through germ. One runt but the rest are really killer!

  3. LemonTy420 (verified owner)

    Ordered a pack Saturday night and it showed up Monday afternoon. Shout out to lumberjack seeds for the continued top notch service and ocean grown for the best genetics!

  4. chris perry (verified owner)

    just got my vader og seeds, cant wait to grow sex (hopefully get all female) flower . i experimented with the jawa pie and Jedi og which is some serious frost and flavor , i got high hopes for the Vader , but i can say the jawa & Jedi lived up to the hype, and I’m a picky mo fo……thanks to ocean grown Vader and Paul for letting me into the club

  5. chris perry (verified owner)

    update on the Vader strain, the day I got my Vader I popped 3 hopeing for a female , well I got 3 fem’s and It was genuine Og plus “WoW” my new favorite strain I picked up some more Vader beans , fingers crossed for more fems thanks ocean grown and crew also thanks to bingus for turning me on to LJSS cheers

  6. Danny boy (verified owner)

    Fat ass plant good structure beautiful in veg haven’t flowered yet dnt wait tho thanks og. Team and vader love you’re show on YouTube man plz keep it up much love from everyone here in the valley of the Sun my boy wish all good vibes to you and the whole of team and family peace

  7. Danny boy (verified owner)

    Awesome leaves and intense diesel smell with a hint of woodie kushie smell love growing vader og kush

  8. Ben Vallante

    Purchased pack of purple pie on monday got order in 4days. Pack had 12 beans in it.thumbs up! So pumped to try out my first ocean grown genetics. Thanks guys

  9. eman_420_ma (verified owner)

    My favorite strain from og. So far. A true deep og tasting strain. Beautiful color on the buds. All their seeds are top quality and germination.

  10. Aaron Hall (verified owner)

    This strain is the very definition of OG Kush, dense round earthy buds, very frosty and high quality. I am a medical caregiver in my home state, all the other caregivers in my circle want to grow this strain after seeing my results.

  11. Russell Gallette (verified owner)

    I’m in week 5 right now with 2 Vader ladies. Both phenos are very

  12. Russell Gallette (verified owner)

    I’m in week 5 right now with two Vader ladies. The two phenos are VERY different from each other, and both are looking and smelling amazing. One is a heavy eater and has a little sweet sugar scent mixed with fuel. The other doesn’t eat nearly as much and smells like the classic definition of “O.G.”. Straight up gasoline. Soooo pungent and delicious smelling. Looking forward to getting these girls through the next several weeks and chopped. Amazing strain!!

  13. Mrtokitone (verified owner)

    Popped 9 ..5 were female all came out dam near identical great stable strain that real kush flavor got one that was an oddball smell but all taste the same oredering a. Cali pack now

  14. Vincent Nickel (verified owner)

    Purchased my Vader Og seeds. This was by far the easiest and best place to order seeds. Super smooth and easy!

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