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$100.00 USD

(9 customer reviews)

LINEAGE: Witches Brew ‘Highlander’ x Vader OG
YIELD: Moderate to Heavy

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Highlander is the reintroduction of our legacy strain ‘Witches Brew’ (Zenfandel OG x Merlot OG).

This cross features floral aromas with hints of green tea and cream. growers can expect chunky flowers and vigorous growth from this Hybrid. Highlander can perform very well outdoors.

9 reviews for Highlander

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Cannot wait. This guy s gonna be bomb just like every other strain OG has. The witches brew legacy x Vader OMG!!!!

  2. Gary B

    Jus copped em got Vader Og on deck as well waiting on Jawa Pie and im set!

  3. batesjim2258

    I am waiting to order I seen the price and thought wow it’s pretty expensive but you do get what you pay for in the very near future I will own everything they have but for now Alien Rift is the most sought after In the growing world.!!!! 5* fir me for real

  4. Scott stuart

    Quality seeds, Excellent website

  5. tucker_mical (verified owner)

    My first order came so fast i order again !

  6. Jmac (verified owner)

    Germed all 6 seeds from a 5 pack and all of them are growing well a little stretchy but expected from Vader vision and linage discription. OG all the way. By the way, how do you become a tester?

  7. DiggLBC (verified owner)

    Beans arrived quickly. I haven’t popped any yet but beans look nice and healthy I can’t wait to grow these out. I’m super stoked… will leave a review after grown thanks LJSS and Ocean Grown Seeds

  8. Rhan Away (verified owner)

    Just ordered my 3rd pack…. ’nuff said! Get yours while you can!

  9. Matthew Jones (verified owner)

    LJSS and Ocean Grown is amazing. To celebrate 420 I bought 5 pack pack of Highlander. They hooked me up. I’m always over satisfied from them. Thank you.

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